Wednesday, November 22, 2006

video calls are wonderful

We had our first real video call tonight. We now have DSL instead of dial-up and last weekend I bought some video webcams and headsets. Sue and I talked between my office and home, but that doesn't really count. Tonight, Kelly in Colorado called us on Skype. After clearing up a software problem on her end, we had a lovely conversation. Her face filled the screen. It is really nice to see the person you are talking with.

Tomorrow her husband is going to try to call her from 2/9ths of the way around the world. We might get a call from him as well!

His internet service is not the most reliable and sometimes there are information blackouts, but we are hoping for the best. He can't use I-Chat, which is compatible with AIM Triton on our PC's, because of its greater bandwidth requirements. So we are going with Skype. BTW, Sue and I compared AIM Triton with Skype between home and my office, getting the same or better results with Skype.

I love this service. I made phone calls from Chengdu, China to the USA last summer using it. Only costs a few pennies per minute. What is also very dear to my heart is that it is all free for computer-to-computer calls. In fact, they'll let you make free domestic calls to landline and mobile phones until the end of the year.

Be blessed!

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