Monday, October 16, 2006

for that great dodger in the sky

For those of you who bleed Dodger blue, and for the rest of you who should, I have added a Los Angeles Dodgers links page to my personal website. There are a lot of links to articles and videos. Included is a great ESPN clip with former Dodger skipper Tommy Lasorda explaining to a distraught Red Sox fan what the post season is all about. There is also a very interesting section about the famous Bobby Thomson home run and how it may not have been such a miracle.

Be blessed!


laura said...

Excuse me. It's Bleed Hoya Blue. Please don't ever use that phrase with anything non-Georgetown related. The only blue blood is hoya blood.

RB said...

My dear, you would be helped by a better understanding of history. Let us begin our lesson. FYI:

The phrases "that Great Dodger in the Sky" and "I bleed Dodger Blue" both date back thirty years. If not coined, they were at least popularized by Tommy Lasorda when he became manager of the Dodgers.

The application of “bleeding blue” to the Georgetown U's Hoyas comes later, and to put it nicely, its use is merely derivative.

To put it more plainly, the Jesuits stole it. But then, what do you expect from the folks who gave us the Spanish Inquisition?

I do not mind others appropriating the term. But please, don’t try to claim ownership of it.

Laura, I’m very proud of you. Go ahead, bleed Hoya Blue.