Monday, June 12, 2006

sino journal follow-up

I wrote about visiting the late Chairman Mao in an earlier post. Just before you enter the building, people get out of line to buy flowers from a stand, go before a large marble statue of Mao inside the building, lay the roses down against hundreds of other bunches of roses, do a little honor/worship thing, and then get back in line. A colleague who had been there on a previous trip to Beijing said that every once in awhile workers will collect a large quantity of flowers previously presented to the statue, take them back to the stand, and resell them.

I wonder if the worshipers of Mao knew they were merely renting the flowers and not buying them?

I found out a bit more about Lucky Airlines mentioned in my most recent sino journal. This is a privately owned airline that flies to a few cities in China. The airline has only one plane, an aging Boeing 737, to fly to all its cities. I guess they have to be lucky. They have no backup if something goes wrong with the plane.

Be blessed!

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