Tuesday, May 30, 2006

off to china!

I’m going to China for the month of June. SLU is sending me to a faculty seminar in SW China. You can check out my tentative schedule. I’m also able to add 12 days for travel and study on my own after the seiminar. I am working with someone to make contacts and this appears to be bearing fruit. If you are in the old elementary school in Madrid, New York the evening of June 21st I believe you will be able to meet her husband.

Please keep me and my travels in your prayers during month of June.

I’ve made travel plans for this weekend to go, all on my own, to Beijing. It is a bit of a challenge to maneuver and cope in a city I’ve never been to and where the signs do not have any letters that are recognizable to me. I have made reservations on an airline I’ve never heard of (Eastern China) and for a hotel just a few blocks from the Forbidden City.

I was told about a couple of Chinese travel websites, kind of like Expedia or Travelocity. I made my Shanghai-Beijing plane reservations though one and saved about $100. However, within hours I started receiving Chinese spam on my email account. I quickly got a gmail account and put that for my “membership profile” for the Chinese travel sites. The Chinese spam has stopped.

I’ll have my laptop so I should be in contact, but how often I don’t know.

Now, I must go back to running around, being the unprepared preparing for the unpreparable. I leave very early tomorrow morning, Wednesday May 31st, for the Syracuse airport and then about 19 hours of air travel with one stop in Chicago before I'm due to arrive in Shanghai.

Be blessed!

p.s. my slu web pages are back up and running.


Anonymous said...

I am praying for you. You'll do great and i am exscited for you.

Ann said...

Oh I hope you're having a great time! Thank you for inviting me into your "Blog World." -Ann