Friday, May 26, 2006

good news, good memories

The past week I've been emailing with a brother who used to attend CFC. He knew I was going to be in China for the month of June. He mentioned in an email this morning that he and his wife were adopting a baby girl from China and would probably be traveling there in January or February.

That brought back some memories. Very sweet memories.

In January 2004 I visited Hong Kong and Guangdong Province in P.R. China. We toured the city of Guangzhou (formerly called Canton) and stayed at the White Swan Hotel, a really nice hotel overlooking the Pearl River. All Americans adopting in China have to work through the U.S. Consulate just down the street and must stay at the White Swan. As a result the hotel was crowded with these very, very happy couples holding their little Chinese daughters. It was wonderful seeing that and being around it. I even felt very much out of place not having a baby to hold!

Just reading his note this morning brought back those wonderful feelings from the White Swan. I'm very happy for this couple. I'm even happier for their Chinese daughter who will be blessed with great parents.

Be blessed!

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