Sunday, November 6, 2005

this is the first post

I have started a blog to complement my personal finance website and the Godly Wisdom for Managing Money seminar.

I have updated some of my webpages. I added a bunch of financial calculators that I found. They should really help you with financial planning. Even if they don't, they are kind of fun to pay with.

All the currently available materials for the Godly Wisdom for Managing Money seminar are posted there as well.

This site also has an rss news feed so you can be notified when it has been updated.

Comments or suggestions or questions or even wisecracks are welcome. You can or contact me privately or post them here by clicking "comments" right below.


Laura Weber said...

Hey Bob,

You're doing a great job with the class!! I'm really enjoying it and learning a lot.

I do have a question. I'm hearing a lot about not contributing to social security and investing that money in other more profitable investments. Is this a good thing to do and if so, what are the procedures to get out of contributing to social security?
Laura Weber

RB said...

Thank you Laura.

Concerning Social Security: you can’t opt out. Sorry, but you'll need to keep paying the "contributions" that they take out of your paycheck.

The Bush administration proposed allowing people to take part of their Social Security payroll taxes (contributions) and put the money into private accounts. However, that is going nowhere in DC.